Our “One Stop Shop” for exciting new talent

Yellow Shark ‘Unsigned’ is a full label services ‘one stop shop’ for unsigned artists of any age who are keen to complete their music to a professional standard and ready it for release. Our team of award-winning engineers, producers & musicians can help you complete your record, full mixed & mastered.

Your music can then be readied for global release via our distribution partners, allowing access to some of the biggest and best playlists across Spotify, Apple Music & more.

In addition we help you get your social media moving, building your numbers and reach across TikTok, Instagram, Facebook & Spotify. We also provide photoshoots, music videos as well as assisting in the creation of any necessary social media content. 

Finally, we can set up support tours & shows with established touring acts, in order to create an organic & personal reach to new audiences, giving your music a chance to resonate with people there and then.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in pursuing?

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