Soundtracs JADE-S 48 channel frame (96 channels on mix-down) Flying fader and mute automation, compressors and gates on every channel


Avid Pro-Tools HD 10 including an extensive array of plug-ins

Avid Pro-Tools 12


Studer A80 RC 1/2 inch 2 track machine with remote. Installed with Dolby 363 SR and A.


ATC SCM200ASL Pro Reference monitors

ATC SCM20ASL Near field stereo

ATC SMC25 ASL Near field stereo

Yamaha NS-10 Near field monitors

Aviom Pro16 Monitor Mixing System allows each musician to create and have control of there own monitor mix

Martin Logan SL3 Studio fold-back monitors


Neumann U87 AI (2)

Neumann KM183 (2)

AKG C 12 VR (2)

AKG 414 ULS (2)

AKG C 451B (2)

AKG D 112

AKG C 1000S (2)

AKG 418 (6)

Rode NT2

Electrovoice RE20

Electrovoice ND868

Beyer Dynamic MCE93 (2)

Beyer Dynamic M160 Double Ribbon

Coles 4038 Studio Ribbon (2)

Shure SM7

Shure SM57 (2)

Shure SM57 Beta

Shure SM58

Sennheiser MD421 (3)

Sennheiser E845 (2)

Optimus Boundary Microphone (2)


Neve 1081 Mic Preamp (8)

Neve 1073 Mic Preamp and EQ (2)

Universal Audio 2-610 Tube Mic Preamp

Focusrite Red 1 Quad Mic Preamp

GML 8200 Parametric Equaliser

Urei 1176LN Blackface (2)

Focusrite Red 3 Stereo Compressor/Limiter

DBX 166A Stereo Compressor/Limiter

Drawmer 1960 Tube Stereo Compressor

Alan Smart C1 Compressor

Thermionic Culture Phoenix Compressor

BSS Opal DPR-422 Stereo Compressor/De-Esser

Drawmer DS 201 Dual Noise Gates (2)

Lexicon 480L Reverb with LARC

Lexicon MPX1 Multi Effects Processor

Lexicon MXR3000 Reverb

TC Electronics M-One Dual Effects Processor

Alesis Midiverb 4 Multi Effects Processor

Yamaha SPX90 Mkii Multi Effects Processor

Antares ATR-1a Auto Tune Intonation Processor

Aphex Aural Exciter


Pianos, Keyboards and Samplers

Yamaha C5 Grand Piano

Fender Rhodes 76 Mk 1

Hammond A100 (B3) Tone Wheel Organ with Leslie

Wurlitzer EP200A

Yamaha S80 Keyboard

Minimoog Voyager

DeepMind 12 Polyphonic Synthesizer

Korg MS2000 Synthesizer

Korg SQ64 Sequencer

Roland TR-08 Rhythm Composer

Roland 76 note Controller keyboard


Gibson Les Paul American Traditional

US Fender Stratocaster “standard”

MusicMan Stingray 4-string Bass

Takamine Electro Acoustic Guitar


Fender 100 watt Blues Deville

Celestion 100 watt Combo

Trace Elliot V-Type Bass Amp

Hammond PR40 Organ Amp

Leslie 145 Twin Rotor

Roland KC600 Keyboard Amp

Drums and Percussion

Grestch Catalina Drum Kit

Yamaha 9000 PRC Drum Kit

Zildjian Cymbals

Roland TD7 Drum brain (7 pads and Kick)

PP Meinl Conga and Quinto

LP Classic Bongos

LP Tito Puente Timbala Drums

Imperial Indian Tablas

Ghanaian Djembes (2)

LP Cowbell’s LP Shaker’s

Cuban Maracas